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  • Scent Description- Inspired by the ultimate comfort of freshly laundered cotton sheets, our warm cotton scented cards capture a clean, fresh and comforting fragrance with a subtle sweetness, perfect for car, bathroom, closet or any other places that needs a refreshing touch
  • Decorative Car Air Freshener- MitFlor scented cards work great as car air freshener as they will make your car smell amazing, while adding charm at the same time- the cutest way to add endless fragrance to your car; it is crafted with EVA resin, durable, waterproof and with elegant design
  • As Room and Closet Freshener-An upgrade from traditional car scents air fresheners and closet sachet, our EVA scented cards are versatile and can be used to infuse delightful aromas into your closet, drawer, bathroom, or any desired space
  • Safe & Long-lasting �C Our hanging scented sachets are made with EVA resin and premium fragrance oils, ensuring they meet the IFRA standards for safety and quality; the EVA material helps release aromas in a gentle way, not too overpowering but just the right amount, and they are 2X long-lasting as the traditional paper freshners or car air freshener
  • Easy to Use- MitFlor scented cards feature an elegant ribbon, giving you the flexibility to tie them to the desired spaces for a delightful fragrance, or simply place them in your bag or drawer; with 5 pcs included, you can enjoy consistent scents for nearly a year, or share them with your friends or families

MitFlor Warm Cotton Scented Cards, Decorative Car Air Fresheners, 5 Packs